Return of The Natural and Inverness ITT

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Been ages since we raced at the Siemens Cauldron with Blackburn. Alan Barnes does a great job giving the kids a ITT, scratch, handicap and then straight line sprints in an afternoon of bike racing tuition.

The Natural rides the 25ks out there races then rides the 25k home. The Dandenong Creek path takes us all the way there and we usual meet up with his besty on the way out.

A PB in the ITT, 3rd in the scratch then two 2nds and a 3rd in the sprints meant he wanted to regain the sprinters jersey and KOM on the way home.

He hit us all on Vermont Verticle and the Highbury Rd sprint primes. Complete domination and a worthy jersey winner.  The Macca’s Encouragement Award for the PB will be put to good use next week at the post WindyFields carb up.

Sun’d:  The 20 minutes test is one that gets put off for every reason you can think of but it is a must if you want to know your threshold power. If only we were TT-ers then we could do this in a race and not with a couple of crusty masters cycists up a savage hill on a Sun’d morning.

ITT up Inverness Road was not something we look forward to especially when some of us are in the mid 80kgs. The Climbing Cyclist has this climb well documented……”This last section, just before the left-hand turn into the finishing stretch, is the steepest of the climb at a gradient of around 20%.”

It is a tough ramp and when we get past the 20% bit  it is only 50% of the way through the 20 minute power test it makes the last 10 minutes a dribble session.

We have 4 weeks to recover from it before we need to do it all over again.